Thursday, August 9, 2012


Coming this September to Jackson State University's Liberal Arts Building. 

The illustrations of Jack Kirby have inspired an entire generation of artists both inside the comics medium and beyond.  Talented illustrators and writers in their own right, John Jennings and Stacy “Blackstar” Robinson team up to create a visual homage to the legendary comic creator. The exhibit is titled "Black Kirby" and is described as "An exhibit celebrating the incredible work of Jack Kirby and his contributions to the pop culture landscape, while remixing his style, forms and ideas to explore themes like Afro-futurism, social justice, representation, and magical realism. It uses the culture of hip-hop as a methodology for creating visual communication."

Scheduled for September 2012

Among many other projects of note, Jack Kirby wrote and drew the original Black Panther series in 1977.

Image by Stacy “Blackstar” Robinson (Artist and creator of the comic book, "Abraham - The Young Lion")

Image by John Jennings (Educator, illustrator and creator of the graphic novel "The Hole: Consumer Culture")

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  1. Wow..awesome talent. I love Stacey Robinson's graphic above - gripping...