Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 Questions With Charlie "FAB" Goubile!

Finishing up the Street Team series of interviews, last but certainly not least we have artist extraordinaire Charlie "FAB" Goubile, creator of Blackbird and one-half of the creative engine known as Kid Monster!
1) For people who may not be familiar with you, could you please give us a quick introduction?

My name is Charlie “FAB” Goubile (aka Fabzilla, aka Fabuccino); I currently live in North Carolina. I am a Multi-Media Illustrator who has worked on comic books, animation projects and movies. I am the creator and artist of the Blackbird graphic novel available now on I am currently working on a new graphic novel called Corsairs, a collaboration with writer Daniel McNeal under our new creative company called Kid Monster.

2) Tell us a little about Blackbird? A teenage urban ninja crimefighter seems like a very unique and interesting concept, where did that come from?

Blackbird was an old idea I had back when I was in high school about an urban ninja-type hero that I revamped and updated. Blackbird is a hybrid project that blends elements of Hip-Hop culture including fashion and graffiti along with elements from old martial arts movies; it also includes elements of anime, manga and traditional comic book themes.

The story is about a teenage kid named Antwon who looses the only family member he has ever known to violence, he is then adopted by a local Chinese family who train him in martial arts; soon after he decides to hit the streets as the crime-fighting Blackbird.

The book is definitely not your average crime-fighting vigilante comic, it's not just panel after panel of Blackbird punching bad guys in the face, It really is about Antwon’s struggling to deal with the painful lost of his Aunt. The book is really more of a drama than an action story, it has a lot of emotion and heart to it, and it is this element of humanity that the fans really admire about this story.

3) How does Blackbird fit into the Street Team? Does his age play a role in how he interacts with any of the other characters?

I like to think of Blackbird as the ‘fanboy’ of the Street Team, he is the youngest of the crew so he probably really looks up to and admires his teammates, and it is probably a dream come true for him to stand shoulder to shoulder with these street justice veterans. I also think the reader can really identify with Blackbird in the Street Team comic because he is just as in awe of these guys as they are. I can imagine Blackbird keeping a journal, which he monologues about how great of an opportunity it is being on the team.

4) Could you tell us a bit about Kid Monster and your creative partnership with Daniel McNeal?

I met Daniel at ECBACC (East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention) in Philly, back in ’08. While there we had a conversation where we exchanged creative ideas and concepts, we quickly realized that we both were the same pedigree of creator and ever since then we’ve flirted with the idea of collaborating on a project. We had a few ideas, some Daniel actually scripted out, but nothing ever fully manifested until Corsairs.

We had already started development on Corsairs before we even had a name for our creative team. We ran through a bunch of names, a lot of which where already taken, so we decided to come up with something unique; we finally decided on Kid Monster because it was available and it sounded cool.

Working with Daniel on Corsairs is a blast, and I can’t wait for the full -length graphic novel to come out; we also have some exciting ideas for future projects.

5) Could you give some insight into your experiences with self-publishing Blackbird? What advice, if any, would you give other creators out there looking to self-publish their own creations?

The Blackbird graphic novel is the product of hard work, stumbling through my insecurities and testing the love and patience of my friends and family. It was my first time doing a graphic novel and I learned a lot, much of which I am currently applying to the production of the Corsairs book, which has a much larger scale than Blackbird.

For aspiring creators who have a desire to put out their own book I would suggest that you take your time and don’t rush to get something out in time for the next convention. Sit and plot out what messages you wish to convey in your story, study plot construction and character development. Artist, research the elements that make up your universe including weapons, clothing, vehicles etc.

Expect to work hard, but keep in mind that the time and energy you put into your work will be the same energy you get out of it.

Thank you for your time Charlie, it's been a pleasure. Do you have any final thoughts you would like to leave our readers?

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