Saturday, August 13, 2011

Radio Free Amerika To Premiere At Onyxcon III!

Onyxcon III in Atlanta, Ga is certainly shaping up to be the event of the summer with another exclusive book debut set for the show as Atlanta based Terminus Media has announced that B. Robert Bell's groundbreaking Radio Free Amerika will premiere at Onyxcon III!

"The year is 2015. The once mighty American superpower has been reduced to a conquered wasteland, where daily survival is a desolate struggle. Five years after the brutal invasion of Russia and its allies, America is now an occupied state, a shell of its former self. She is Defeated, Demoralized...Dead. Everything America once was is gone.

But We the People survived the attack and the tide is now turning. A small hip hop pirate radio station, dubbed Radio Free Amerika, is rallying hardened warriors for an assault on the Russian strategic outpost of Philadelphia, the former cradle of American democracy. With success here, a final push into the Russian held New York City can be mounted, paving the way to topple the Beast.

Watch, as Radio Free Amerika broadcasts life, liberty, and hope to a defeated people."

Radio Free Amerika features the creative talents of writer/artist and creator B. Robert Bell ("Cobalt: Warrior Angel"), inker Don Hillsman (CrossGen's "Scion"), colorist Lexington Wolfcraft ("Terminus Tales Presents #1: Platypus vs. Monkey") and letterer Khari Sampson ("Terminus Tales Presents #1: Platypus vs. Monkey"). The first issue of Radio Free Amerika will be available, and creator B. Robert Bell will be in attendance!

William Satterwhite is the creator of the superhero webcomic Stealth and a freelance designer, internet consultant and illustrator living in Douglasville, Ga. His professional website can be found at You can follow William on Facebook at or Twitter at

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  1. Please excuse the premature post. Which has now been edited. the book doesn't show up on the terminus store page. Will keep you posted.