Monday, August 15, 2011

Press Release - Stealth Vol 1

For Immediate Release

A dark city in need of a hero …a young man with the power to be that hero- A New Hero For A New Millennium!

Creator, and's own William Satterwhite is proud to announce “Stealth: Vol. 1, The Life and Times of Allen White”, an all-new original graphic novel spinoff of the webcomic series. Written by freelance writer and journalist Robert Jeffrey II (Daddy’s Little Girl, with art by Jamar Logan (Demon Universe), Life and Times will firmly establish the never before shown official origin of Stealth.

Jamar Logan: “I always thought that Stealth was a well written online comic, one of the best written ones out there“ explains Logan. “So when Will told me about the comic he didn't have to say anything else...I wanted to draw it! After reading this project I hope readers say, "Damn, that was f'n AWESOME!“.

“It was sort of a combination of things“ adds writer Jeffrey II. “Getting a chance to work with creator extraordinaire William Satterwhite on anything "Stealth" related, having this story brought to life via Jamar's awesome art, and just delving into the Stealth mythos were all a draw. I'm hoping that we provide some awesome storytelling via Jamar's work, and a pretty fun, yet thoughtful tale of Allen's beginnings. I'm thinking Stealth fans, and newcomers will really enjoy what we're putting together.”

About Stealth
Stealth is a webcomic about an African-American teen superhero created by William Satterwhite, published online dating back to  2001. Please visit for more information.


  1. Awesome. Congrats again & continued success!

  2. Is that black panther?

  3. TrioTrio: No, the artist just drew his mask in a way that it looks similar to BP's- the "pointers" on Stealth's mask should actually be pointing back and don't sit on top of his head like BP (of course, with a frontal shot, that's the only way you can draw them and have them be shown). Thanks for checking in, feel free to check out the Stealth webcomic at, new comic updates are posted every Friday!

  4. How will this be presented, William? Web, digital device, print?

  5. It will be available exclusively in print as an OGN, there may be a digital component for delivery to Android and iOS devices but the project's primary goal is to have a book available to put in people's hands completely independent of the webcomic.