Monday, March 28, 2011

"Fear Itself" results in American Panther

The good folks over at Comic Book Resources released this image from Marvel that reveals a new direction for the former Wakandan prince T'Challa. It appears that T'Challa will be delving further into his American crusade by changing his name from the Black Panther to the clunkier American Panther.

I want to reserve judgment on this and wait till I see how it all turns out.
From the CBR article:

Marvel Comics has sent CBR News the following teaser image offering an exclusive look at what is presumably the Black Panther's next identity: American Panther. The publisher would disclose no information regarding the character or image other than to say "Fear Itself" will have a "huge impact" on "Black Panther: The Man Without Fear." Currently written by David Liss, the series is illustrated by Francesco Frankavilla, who also drew the American Panther character study.


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