Tuesday, February 22, 2011

R.I.P. Dwayne McDuffie

It was truly sad news hearing of the passing of Dwayne McDuffie. I wasn't privy to knowing a lot about the man but I know the influence his work had on me personally. He did a great deal to put forward the notion that African American superheroes could be marketable and deserved a place right up there with icons like Superman and Spiderman.

Whenever someone speaks about the history of black superheroes I'm sure you'll hear Milestone mentioned. In many ways Blacksuperhero.com owes it's founding to him and others like him who put Milestone on the map and created characters like Static, Icon and Rocket to name a few of my favorites.

I could spend a lot more words on this but I'll simply say that he may be gone but his characters will forever live on. Condolences to his family. BSH.com owes you much gratitiude. Goodbye Dwayne, we'll miss you and your awesome stories.


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