Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Millennia War (The Graphic Novel)

The outstanding comic book series "Millennia War" is now a Graphic Novel, which could be the perfect opportunity for those who may have missed the series to climb aboard.  Writer/artist Ashley Woods takes the reader on a fabulous quest as the character Hannah searches for her missing sister Saya and aims to prevent a Second Great War between Humans and Elves. There are many interesting characters in the story and my favorite by far is the "Child of the Mist". Woods shows her artistic ability while weaving a solid tale with themes of action, love, friendship and betrayal. Ashley Woods is paving the way for other female artists one story at a time and serves as an excellent role model for the benefits hard work.

 Read her blog here to find out more, or buy the book at Indyplanet by clicking here .

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